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The new permanent Mining Bill for Bougainville which was passed yesterday is truly a homegrown law but is also one that is based on international best practices.
This statement was made by the ABG mining minister Michael Oni when introducing the permanent mining bill in parliament on Wednesday.
He said as the minister responsible for mining in Bougainville, he is proud because the bill shows the courage, determination and the persistence of the Momis-Nisira Government to ensure Bougainville’s mining policy and law truly reflects the aspirations of all Bougainvilleans.
He then revealed that it is sad truth that the Autonomous Provincial government back then had no real powers over mining but with the decision of the house seven months ago to pass the Bougainville Transitional Mining Arrangement Act 2014, this was a unique and historic occasion for the people of Bougainville.
By passing the law, Bougainvilleans began the process of taking back their ancient and God given rights to make decisions about their land and resources.
This Transitional Mining Arrangement Act 2014 was a temporary act which was passed in August last year to keep out back door deals.
Therefore as revealed by the minister responsible, the permanent mining bill is truly homegrown but is also based on international best practices.
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