Tertiary institute researches deep sea mining to promote awareness

In this Innovation Fund project, Tupou Tertiary Institute (TTI) – Research Division undertakes an activity on Deep Sea Mining (DSM) in Tonga, and helps to inform Tonga’s populace on the issue by using the media to present the research findings.

With not much information on DSM in Tonga or in the Pacific, many are ill informed of its implications and benefits. The project will see TTI-Research Division students work with the technical resource persons of the Institution to design, research and put together the report.

TTI research students will also received media training as part of their capacity building. Once research findings are available, they will look at how best to present this information.  The idea is to be creative and innovative using the available   technologies to make technical information on DSM comprehensible to a wider and diverse audience. Media activities will include awareness campaigns on mainstream and new media, talkback shows, TV panels, a national forum – a model similar to the UN Forum with national and community leaders, and community awareness meetings.

The outcomes for this project are:

TTI research Students will have improved research skills and enhanced critical skills applicable to all other facets of their lives;
TTI students will know more about deep sea mining;
TTI Research Centre Staff will be better prepared and skilled in providing evidence-based approach to development to counter the biased ‘word-of-mouth’ approach to issues prominent in Tonga.
TTI research staff and students will benefit from presenting evidence-based outcomes to the media, and securing a partnership with the media industry for future projects that are of community-based interest.
The project aligns with PACMAS goal of supporting better governance in the Pacific, and falls under the PACMAS component of Media Capacity Building.  It will address PACMAS thematic areas such as environment, gender, youth, climate change and the MDGs.

To see the full project profile please click on  Project profiles_Deep Sea Mining_Tupou Tertiary Institute_Tonga

* Profile Photo by Tupou Tertiary Institute (TTI)

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