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Official: Ramu NiCo pumped in K125m

THE country’s nickel and cobalt developer, Ramu NiCo, has contributed more than K125 million towards the local economy in the past 12 months, an official says.
Community affairs deputy general manager Stotick Kamya said from last July to this June, K125,182,233.97 was distributed across suppliers, contractors and service providers for the Madang project.
During a meeting with project stakeholders in Kokopo last week, he presented a report on goods and services in the local procurement exercise covering landowner companies, other companies in Madang and the country, state-owned enterprises, other service providers in PNG and government organisations.
He said the investment by MCC-Ramu NiCo has created a huge demand for local businesses in Madang.
Kamya said benefits from the project could be felt across the local communities and government institutions.
He said Ramu NiCo in the last few months had off-loaded several business spin-off activities for landowner companies.
Kamya urged the four landowner associations and the landowner companies to capitalise on the opportunities and the demands created by the developer for their own benefits.
“We thank you for the support in the past but we have a long way ahead to go and therefore appeal for your understanding and continuous. support during this tough time to fully achieve our full production capacity,” he said.
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