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Newcrest confirms threats

Operator of the Lihir Gold Mine Newcrest has confirmed reports of receiving threats from landowners to close the mine’s operations, an official says.
Country manager Peter Aitsi said the situation on Lihir Island ‘remains normal’.
“The situation on Lihir remains normal, we did receive a threat to disrupt mining operations from a faction of the landowners, but have been able to sit down over the last two days with this group under the leadership of the MRA (Mineral Resources Authority) and work through their issues and LMALA are involved in these discussions.”
He said this after Lihir Mining Area Landowners Association (LMALA) threatened to close the gold mine earlier in the week.
Speaking on behalf of the landowners, trainee vice chairman James Laketan said the landowners had resorted to placing a “gorgor” at the plant site which would signify closure of the mine.
Laketan claimed that landowners were forced to do so after Newcrest failed to address concerns they raised.
He said specific issues including the landowners’ compensation agreements related to the Lihir gold mine had been raised during various reviews.
But, he said the developer overlooked the issues and did not show commitment to committing to the issues.
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