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Panguna Mining Negotiation in question

The Autonomous Bougainville Government has been questioned to explain why it is continuing to pump in more money towards the negotiations in reopening the Panguna Mine. The question was raised by the newly elect member for Hagogohe Constituency Peter Sohia when responding to the 2014 ABG Budget during the last parliament sitting. Member Sohia said at the moment negotiations of the mine has been left stagnate due to a lot of misunderstanding and differences between the landowner groups. Mr Sohia said there are doubts and a lot of questions being asked by the people in relation to the reopening of the Panguna Mine. Sohia said if the landowners cannot provide straight answers on their stands concerning the reopening of the mine, he than suggest for the funds to be used to host a plebiscite where all Bougainvilleans will decide whether to reopen the mine or not. He said the outcome of the plebiscite must be accepted by the landowners if the people do agree for the Panguna mine to be reopened. Member Sohia stressed that if the ABG continues to spend millions of kina just to negotiate for the mine’s reopening and nothing is achieved, then the ABG is just wasting the people’s money and time which could be used to deliver other basic services.
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