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Deep-sea mining pushed

A NEW group will be added to the list of LNG project beneficiaries next year.
Mineral Resources Development Company Ltd (MRDC), managing director and chief executive Augustine Mano said the new batch would be coming from Hides, Angoro, Juhat whose landholdings were bisected by the pipeline network and hosted the gas plant site.
“The beneficiaries have to be decided by the state through the Department of Petroleum and Energy.
Mano said they would go through the vetting process and MRDC would deal with them regarding their entitlements once the department had confirmed what benefits they would receive.
Mano said that the appointment of Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc as MRDC chairman was very timely.
“We need somebody of Sir Manasupe’s calibre to oversee the management of benefits, especially now that there would be a new batch of beneficiaries coming in.”
And being the chief secretary, he comes right under the prime minister, he said.
“So this gives the value, in terms of the importance of what the organisation is in terms of dealing with all the landowners and provincial governments, who are direct gas beneficiaries .
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