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Mt Kare locals in PNG urged to support mine

LANDOWNERS from Mt Kare gold mine have been urged to cooperate with the developer for the progress of the project.
Minister for Mining Byron Chan said this in Parliament on Wednesday when answering questions from Member for Laigaip- Porgera Nixon Mangape over Mt Kare gold mine issue.
Recently, an entity named Ipaita Limited made threats against the exploration licence holder of tenement exploration license (EL) 1093 at Mt Kare and forced eviction of Summit Development Ltd.
Minister Chan said it has taken so long to develop Mt Kare 
and has asked the local landowners and communities to co-operate 
with Summit Development Ltd to see the project get off the 
Chan said with the current market climate where gold and copper prices have declined, it has made it difficult for some explorers to work on their projects.
He said the company has best intentions to develop the mine.
He said the company intends to invest up to K60 million in 
the next two years to go into mining and “hopefully the market 
prices for gold and copper will come good”.
Chan said all mining and exploration companies go through thorough scrutinising processes before they are granted mining or exploration licences.
He has also encouraged PNG companies to venture into mining. 
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