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Good leadership vital for mining benefits in PNG

GOOD leadership role among landowner associations and the developers is important in having good mining benefits.
Morobe Mining Joint Venture community affairs officer Stanley Komunt challenged Nakuwi Landowners Association executives and committees that they should have a clear vision and transparent leadership role in making sure that what is agreed in MoAs are being followed and met.
“We do have many challenges when dealing with mining related issues like royalties, MOAs and others which we must all work together to help solve them,” said Mr Komunt
He said the equal distribution of landowners’ royalties will only be satisfied and transparent if associations, developers and the government work in partnership in ensuring landowners’ expectations of having developments within their community.
Deputy president of Wau Rural Local Level Government Jamah Mobi also supported Mr Komunt saying that at some instances lack of partnership and leadership role among the parties resulted in corrupt practices.
“As a community leader I have experienced landowners issues related to the MMJV’s mining operation and it is now time that we address this issues through the proper channel of solving them,” said Mr Mobi
He challenged the newly sworn in executives and committees of Nakuwi Landowners Association to create and establish relevant leadership networks that can fully help solve landowners issues.
There were also encouragements given by Nakuwi Landowners Association president Rex Mauri that as an organisation representing landowners it is now their responsibility to make sure landowners issues are being addressed to parties that benefit from the Hidden Valley Mine.
“This association is for everyone’s benefit especially those sole landowners that have all the rights to have a say in how developments and benefit should be given to them,” said Mr Mauri.
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