PNG's Hidden Valley Gold mine expropriation idea wrong, local says

THE majority of landowners are against the suggestion of expropriating benefits from the Hidden Valley gold mine to the provincial government’s control, landowner consultant David Boe says.

Boe said the suggestion by landowners’ chairman Rex Mauri was totally opposed by landowners.

“The majority of us, landowners, are in support of our local MP Sam Basil who is fighting vigorously on our behalf,”  Boe said.

“We do not want any interference by the provincial government (becasuse) that might undermine our birthright.”

Boe urged Mauri to resign so they could have a new chairman.

“If things do not work in our interest then we will have no choice but back our national member to close down the Hidden Valley gold mine for the good of our people,” Boe said.

The National
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