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PNG landowners want OK Tedi Mine Limited boss removed

THE community mine continuation agreement (CMCA) leaders and mine village leaders of Ok Tedi have demanded the resignation or dismissal of OTML chief executive officer Nigel Parker resign or have him dismissed from office.
They demanded this yesterday in a statement, adding there were several reasons for their demand.
They alleged that Mr Parker continually misled them during the consultation period for their consent to the mine life extension plan from 2015-2025.
A landowner representative and mine village leader Joel Dangkim claimed in the statement that Mr Parker failed to advise the Prime Minister of the need to consult the mine villages and CMCA leaders for a meaningful dialogue with the State on government’s plan to take over the mine,” he stated.
He alleged that Mr Parker also failed to discuss the benefits and implication of the planned change before the 10th supplemental agreement was passed on the floor of the national Parliament.
“No proper consideration was given to the Workers Union and the employee welfare and loss of businesses owned and operated by local landowners,” Mr Dangkim said.
“We now know that Mr Parker is responsible for the loss of benefits to us and negative publicity and confusion amongst the people of Western Province, especially the mine villages and CMCA communities.”
He said they were questioning the eligibility of Mr Parker as chairman of OTDF, which belonged to the landowners. 
“For all this time, he had a duty to fully inform us of all facts relating to our future, especially the future of our majority ownership of Ok Tedi and ownership of OTDF.
“Instead Mr Parker hid the truth from us, and hid his involvement in the Government’s plans from us,” he claimed on behalf of the other landowner leaders.
They claimed that Mr Parker's behaviour has not been of the standard required and expected by the people of the mine affected communities and mine villages and he should be removed.
Attempts to get comments from OTML and its management were unsuccessful.

Pacific Mining Watch/Post Courier
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