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Two kinds of Money Problem

There are 2 kinds of money problems. The first, which we all have, is the problem of too little money. We each have so many needs compared to the amount of money available to us. We strive to make more money by working hard, going for further studies with a view to improving our earning capacity, borrow from others, and some even steal.

But there is another money problem, and that is the problem of too much money. Many of us think that we could do better in life if we had more money. But if we do not have the knowledge, skills and the mental and emotional capacity to handle a lot of money, having too much of it can actually destroy our lives. We will only end up losing it without much to show for it.

For those who know how to control money, too much money is not a problem. They have the skills and knowledge to use money in a manner that benefits them and their children. They know where to put the money to work, so it makes more money for them. They know how to employ money as a faithful servant that goes to work to bring back more of its own kind.
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