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A two class world

High-profile American real estate investor and educator Donald Trump and author Robert T. Kiyosaki have written a book titled “Why We Want You To Be Rich”. If you get a change to buy the book, I highly recommend it, because they write with great concern for working class people throughout the world. 

In the book they predict that the world will eventually end up with only two groups: the rich and the poor. The working or middle class will decline in number, and in some countries may even become extinct. They don’t suggest that there won’t be any employees at all; rather, what they foresee is a situation where the majority of working people are driven into poverty by the combined effects of rising living costs, stagnant incomes, uncontrolled spending habits, and high levels of personal debt. 

Such will be the situation that the number of people traditionally defined as the middle class will shrink and become negligible, and only the rich and poor will be recognized. In other words, there will be poor people, poor working class people, rich working class people, and rich people.
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